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Slouch Groin Stretch

Slouch groin stretch 1_edited

Lie with your hip/thigh near the edge of your bed (Make sure your shoulders aren't) Bend your other knee to prevent back pain.

Slouch groin stretch 2_edited

Flop leg off the side for up to 10 mins if desired. Straighten leg before bringing it back onto the bed.

Calf Stretch

Calf stretch1_edited

Stand on a step with both feet. Slide one foot backwards with the ball of the big toe on the edge of the step.

Calf stretch 2_edited

Slowly apply your weight to the foot hanging off the edge. Slightly bend the front leg and hold stretch.

Calf stretch 3_edited

Slowly rotate the shoulders to the left and right. Repeat the exercise for opposite leg.

Thigh Stretch

Quad stretch 1_edited

Find a table or level roughly hip height.

Quad stretch 2_edited

Take a step forward and place shoe lace aspect of foot onto table.

Quad stretch 3_edited

Lean back and sit onto heel. Use arm(s) to stabilise and partially weight bear for 20 secs.

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