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Can Osteopathy help with labour?

Research has documented that mothers who had an average of 2 treatments or more before the birth date, on average, reduced labour time but up to 50%. (note…We cannot guarantee this)

Ref: Jones, A.L. and Lockwood, M.D. (1998) Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment in Pregnancy and Augmentation of Labour: A case report, The AAO Journal, March, pp. 27–29.

Mothers: During pregnancy/Post pregnancy
















Expectant mothers change shape, size, hormone levels and muscle mass. These changes place a lot of stresses upon weight bearing areas such as the low back, thighs and ankles. 

Baby position during pregnancy.


























Our staff will help reduce these conditions and teach you how to relieve these symptoms at home. If we think they maybe a concern we will refer you back to your G.P.

Mums hormones are at an all time high just before and after birth. A key hormone called ‘Oxytocin’ is produced in large quantities designed to produce breast milk, reduce muscle tone and increase ligament laxity allowing the pelvis to slightly separate ready for birth and stimulate a bond with your child. Sadly if too much is produced it can make the ligaments too lax resulting in joint instability leaving the surrounding muscle to hold your body together. These quickly tire resulting in cramp and pain. 

Your body has just been carrying a large volume of amniotic fluid and a baby causing it to change shape and work very hard even in the simplest of activities. Our treatments will reduce these stresses and if need will assist the struggling joints with the used of specialised strapping or sacrioiliac support belts.

Support Belts











Conditions normally seen during and after pregnancy are;-

Back pain
Neck & related shoulder aches & pains


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