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Neck Massage Exercise

Neck massage 1_edited

Place a pillow on a table in front of you. Perch on the edge of a chair. Lean forward and place your head on the pillow.

Neck massage 2_edited

Then place your hands on the back of your neck with your fingertips in a clawing action. Use your fingertips to massage your neck.

Neck Sausage Exercise

Neck sausage1_edited

For the left neck muscles, rest your head on a pillow and use your right hand. Place thumb under your left ear lobe by the edge of the jawline. Move the thumb around to find the sausage muscle near the edge of the jawline.

Neck sausage 2_edited

Push your thumb onto the neck muscle and push towards the floor. For advanced stretch; push your elbow down towards the floor with your left hand. This will increase the power of the massage. (Repeat for right side of neck)

Neck Side Stretch

Neck stretch 2_edited

Separate 1st and 2nd fingers from 3rd and 4th fingers. Place your hand so your ear goes between the separate fingers.

Neck stretch 3_edited

Slowly lower your arm, pulling your head to one side. Slowly rotate your head to your armpit, slowly.

Pectoral Stretch

Pec stretch 1_edited

Place your hand on the wall/doorway above ear height.

Pec stretch 2_edited

Slowly turn your body away from your arm.

Pec stretch 3_edited_edited

Advanced Stretch: Step forward with the same leg (left arm stretch, left leg forward).

Tricep Stretch

Tricep stretch 1_edited

Place your hand back between your shoulders, pulling your elbow towards your head with the opposite hand.

Tricep stretch 2_edited

Lean your elbow against the wall, lean in towards the wall.

Armpit Stretch

Dip stretch 1_edited

Place hands just wider than your shoulders.

Dip stretch 2_edited

Step away from the edge.

Dip stretch 3_edited

Lower your body down using your legs till you feel a stretch.

Dip stretch 4_edited

Hold here for 5 breaths then rise using mainly legs.

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