Frequently asked questions

Do I need to undress?

No, we like to treat people dressed in loose or gym attire.

Can I be seen via my insurance?

Yes, just contact them giving our clinic name and they will tell you how many treatments you are allowed and will give you an Authorisation Number.

Can it do damage if you click a joint?

Clicking a joint is freeing off nitrogen gas from a restricted joint, The only time you might get some discomfort is if scar tissue is surrounding the joint.

Does treatment hurt?

We use joint articulation techniques and soft tissue massage to loosen tight restricted areas. It can ache a bit but the benefits outweigh the discomfort.

Is clicking a joint bad?

If done to excess and if you push the joing past it's natural boundaries then yes.

Do you treat disc injuries and Sciatica?

Everyday we see and help with nerve compression (Sciatica) and lower back / disc injuries.

What ages do you treat?

From 2 days old all the way up to 103.

How many sessions might I need?

The average person will need 3 sessions. If it is a severe or chronic issue such as a degenerative hip, it may take a few more sessions.

Are you staff all insured and qualified?

Yes all our staff are trained/certified and insured with our governing body GOsC. Every year we must show that we are consistently learning and being monitored to provide the best service possible.