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Davey Moves to Stoke Mandeville

Davey said farewell to the team at Addenbrookes and today continued his journey of recovery at Stoke Mandeville at their National Spinal Rehabilitation Centre.

Stoke Mandeville has an internationally renowned reputation for their pioneering work, treating adults and children across the world.

Davey has been amazingly grateful to the team at Addenbrookes Hospital for their support during these months of recovery and wanted to let you all know.

“I want to say a massive thank you to the Respiratory Physios, who brought me from a place where I wasn’t able to breathe, to eventually breathing by myself. They stood by me every day. They brought me nothing but laughter and joy.

They promised me I would breathe, at times when I never ever thought I would breathe for myself again. They have been there through some of my darkest and toughest times. I cannot thank the Addenbrookes Physio Respiratory Team enough; they are gods in my eyes.”

Keep going Davey, You got this!


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